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EXECUTIVE  The fast urbanization of the world population cre-  Culture Identities, Urban Violence and Metropolitan

            ates new challenges to the cities in the 21st centu-
            ry. Aspects such as longer life expectancy, climate
            change, social inequality, migration and increase of
                                                               shops for debates and 144 interviews with experts
            population density cause pressure and risk in urban   Phase 2 comprised of 10  specific  studies, work-
 SUMMARY    realities in the contemporary city with a positive ur-  ment, academia, social organizations and commu-
                                                               and representatives of the private sector, govern-
            systems. Being ready to face the new challenges and
                                                               nities. As a result, 317 initiatives were mapped out.
            ban transformation requires identifying potentialities
            and opportunities, as well as mapping vulnerabilities.
                                                               the Salvador City Hall, 60 initiatives were defined.
            Planning a city with a vision of resilience goes be-  After an analysis conducted by Arup, 100RC and
            yond adapting it to respond to external factors; it   They have been separated in five pillars, and were
            consists mainly of creating innovative governance   established according to the following criteria: the
            initiatives for urban services, as strengthening the   initiatives’ ability to respond to shocks and stresses,
            fabric and encouraging sustainable development.    their adherence to the 17 Sustainable Development
            The development of a resilience strategy creates ini-  Goals (SDGs), the identification of resilience-related
            tiatives that align different players to cooperate in   qualities and the impact of a vision of resilience on
            new projects and refresh existing actions.         future generations.
 WHAT IS THE   The Resilience Strategy for Salvador was built upon   The initiatives are also a result of crucial partner-

            a contemporary city concept whose administration   ships for the Strategy, and that have been con-
 RESILIENCE   should encompass environmental, social, economic   solidated with the Avina Foundation/ Multilateral
                                                               Investment Fund (FOMIN), Association of Volun-
            and urban aspects. As a public policy, the Strategy
                                                               teers in International Service (AVSI), GIZ (Deut-
            shows its innovative side by electing the resilience
            dividend as a systemic value for the solutions that   sche Gesellschaft Zusammenarbeit). Some studies
 STRATEGY?  must be implemented.                               were also developed with 100RC partners, such as
                                                               Ordnance Survey International, Global Network for
            The  building  of the  Resilience  Strategy  is  part  of   Advanced Management, Knowledge Hub and Re-
            the 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) program, led by   powering London.
 A proactive,   the Rockefeller Foundation to help cities all over   The vision for Resilient Salvador is A CITY THAT
            the world become more resilient facing today’s     IS RECOGNIZED BY ITS RICH HUMAN AND CUL-
 integrated,   challenges. Phases 1 and 2 were developed with the   TURAL HERITAGE, OPEN TO THE SEA AND TO
            support and advisory from Arup, during which 5,753   THE WORLD. IT IS A CAPITAL OF MULTIPLE IDEN-
 collaborative,   people took part in 78 workshops. On Phase 1, we   TITIES, CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION, WHERE
            identified stresses and shocks and collected initia-  SUSTAINABLE AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVEL-
 flexible, long-term   tives and statistic data in an inventory for analysis,   OPMENT PROMOTES PEOPLE’S RESILIENCE, IN-
            to understand the tensions and impacts on the city.   CLUSION AND INTEGRATION. New and existing
 plan to approach   Phase 1’s results were presented in a Preliminary Re-  initiatives  were  organized  in the  following  pillars:
            silience Assessment Report (PRA) that pointed out   1) Culture and Multiple Identities; 2) A Healthy and
 the city’s   chronic stresses and acute shocks. It also identified   Engaged Community; 3) A Diverse and Inclusive
            discovery areas – Resilient Economy, Innovative So-  Economy; 4) A Knowledgeable City and Innovative
 challenges   cial Ecosystems, Smart Urban Transformation and   Governance; 5) Sustainable Urban Transformation.
            Knowledgeable and Innovative Salvador –, as well   These pillars set today the foundation for building a
            as the city’s cross-cutting themes: Salvador and   more resilient Salvador in the future.

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