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When Salvador decided to run to beco-  field was always full of activity, and the
 me one of the Rockefeller Foundation’s   same followed outside Salvador. We ce-
 100  Resilient  Cities,  we  were  not  very   lebrated many international partnerships.
 confident. Resilience was, and maybe still   We have learned from other 100RC cities,
 is, a strange word, and definitely a new   collaborated with other cities in Latin
 concept in the scenario of public policies   America, exchanged knowledge with ci-
 for urban development. So how would   ties in Europe, North American and Oce-
 we develop a Resilience Strategy? What   ania, and have been twinned with African
 would “resilience” mean to Salvador? We   and Asian cities in South-South relations,
 knew that being resilient was more than   spreading our axé .                    Martha Schoeler
 reacting  to shocks or  natural disasters,
 but to tend to the chronic stresses the   The results from this participatory exerci-
 city in a holistic, multidimensional, peren-  se of collecting ideas, projects and taking
 nial and long-lasting manner.   our knowledge further through specific
 studies were organized in five pillars that
 We were guided by a quote by writer Cla-  outline the Strategy. These pillars were
 rice Lispector: “Everything I don’t know is   led by Daniela Guarieiro, Felipe Fonseca,   Open to the word
 in my favour. As it is an untouched field, it   Martha Schoeler and Luana Luna, who
 is also free of stigmas. Everything I don’t   added the responsibilities of being Depu-
 know is the largest and best part of me:   ty Chief Resilience Officers to their duties
 my largesse.” As we knew little about   as managers in their own fields, aided by
 resilience, we soon learned that this is a   Maristela Souza. Collaboration became   Inclusive and integrated
 contextual and unique concept for every   even more widespread with the support
 city. The process for building the Strate-  of many secretaries and undersecreta-
 gy was unprecedented, as a great num-  ries, directors, managers  and other city   Adriana Campelo  Luana Luna
 ber of collaborators from the Municipa-  associates. Every step of building the   Chief Resilience Officer
 lity, the civil society, companies and the   Strategy was created collectively. And
 city (!) volunteered to help.   we  were  able  to  experience  the  most
 powerful largesse.
 It was a new field, the team was brimming
 with energy and our events were always
 very popular. The Strategy features the
 point of view of children, entrepreneurs,
 students and teachers, opinion makers,   Adriana Campelo
 community leaders, and people from Sal-
 Chief Resilience Officer     Collaborative
 vador in its multiplicity. Back home our                                                     Resilient
                                                           Multiple identities

 1 A word from the Iorubá language that means “power” and “energy”.
                     Felipe Fonseca                Daniela Guarieiro             Maristela Souza
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